Goedkoper, gemakkelijker en betrouwbaarder taxi in Eindhoven en omgeving.

Goedkoper, gemakkelijker en betrouwbaarder taxi in Eindhoven en omgeving.

Taxi Eindhoven CARS

New Project - Home

Business Class

Max 4 Passengers
Mercedes E-class or similar


New Project 2 - Home

Business Minivan

Max 7 Passengers
Mercedes V-class or similar

New Project 1 - Home


Max 4 Passengers
Tesla model S or similar

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Rates: Taxi Eindhoven

The price for taxi eindhoven journey start and to destination is discussed below. The price is discussed per taxi. The taxi has limit of max 4 passengers.
Do you live in Eindhoven neighborhood and need taxi ?  You just need to find us. We here at Taxi Star gives you the best rates in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven Airport to ASML Veldhoven

€ 32

Eindhoven Airport to High Tech Campus

€ 3350

Eindhoven Airport to Hotels centrum

€ 24

Eindhoven Airport to Philips Healthcare Best

€ 19

Eindhoven Airport to Station Eindhoven

€ 27,50

Station Eindhoven to ASML Veldhoven

€ 27

Station Eindhoven to High Tech Campus

€ 20

Station Eindhoven to Hotels centrum


Station Eindhoven to Philips Healthcare Best


Taxi Eindhoven

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